Saturday, September 3, 2016

Centella Classic Facial by Spa Symphony (313@Somerset)

ABBEY: Facial spa session to me is a painful way being good looking :) Whenever we booked an appointment, I'm hoping it will be cancelled. Haha. It is just that my pain tolerance is low. That's why I wondered where did the pain go when we had one at Spa Symphony (313 Somerset). 

After laying down, cleansing cream and scrub were put on my face. Next is the steam. Then the pricking began. The staff told me that it will be painful, but to my amazement, it's not the same "ouch" level compared in the Philippines. This is good news for me. After pricking, face massage started. The cream put on me smells good and citrus. 

Then the "heavy", cold mask was applied. I slept until the mask hardened. The song on my mind after the mask was removed is "I can't feel my face when I'm with you". Haha. My face felt very light. It is as if I became teenager again. 

Thanks Spa Symphony.

Centella Classic Facial by Spa Symphony (313@Somerset) Singapore
Centella Classic Facial by Spa Symphony (313@Somerset Singapore) 
WILL: It was supposed to be facial before our Maldives vacation but Abbey is afraid that the sun may irritate his skin. Then, we opted to avail our package after sun-kissing. Spa Symphony is pretty helpful in looking for perfect schedule that will suit us. Thanks again for the assistance.

On that Friday night, I am surprised on how they do their facial. 

The room is 'snowy-cold' but they gave us bed with warmer. Whoah! Instance relaxation! The session begun when they put a cold cream on my face, wipe it off, exfoliation, then cream again, then wiping it off again. She put a cold cotton on my eyes and aim the steamer on to my face. 

After few minutes, she started to 'deep' clean my face. As usual, she didn't get too many impurities. Fanny was so amazed to know that I do not use anything on my face for past 2 years. Yep! Even cleanser or facial wash. 

After that 'cleaning', she started to massage my face. Yes! Massage! I will not forget that event. For almost half an hour, she is kneading my forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and even the eyes. Relaxation at its finest. Her fingers seems dancing on my face! Haha! 

She wiped off the cream then put a mask and again a small cold cloth just to protect my eyelashes. Fanny put on cream and shockingly put some on the eye area too, 3points-ahhh moment. After few minutes, you can feel that the cream is already hard and I felt sad because I know it will be the end of our session. 

I always wait to visit Manila just to get the cleansing facial I want to achieve and yet after my 6th year here in Singapore, I finally saw what I am looking for. Ahmm, actually it exceeds my criteria. 

Thanks to all the staff of Spa Symphony for this memorable facial/massage you have rendered to me and husband. 

This Centella Facial costs only $60 each.

Spa Symphony
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