Friday, April 22, 2016

Stuff'd - Mexican. Turkish. Delicious.

ABBEY: When we did grocery after office and have no time to cook, we stopped by Stuff'd in basement of Waterway point. Quesadillas ran out so I got beef and chicken burrito.I said to add more cheese and then realized that's why quesadillas is not available :) 

In the burrito, there were rice, beans, guacamole and hot sauce. Within seconds, it was wrapped and we're ready to go. When we got back, we hurriedly munch on it. It was delicious. The ingredients blended well and the hot sauce gave some kicks. Next time I'll try the quesadillas.

Yeah, the second time we went quesadillas is available. The wrap was put in the grill and topped with cheese.Then for the fillings I got tomato, lettuce, cucumber chicken. I picked habanero and mayo cucumber for the sauce. I'm salivating when it being wrapped; can't wait to start eating it.

At home, yes, it was delicious like the burrito. Not bad for SGD8.8.

WILL: Who in here that experienced cravings for a shawarma? I know I am not alone. *wink-wink* And that is why my heart is overflowing of joy once my husband or I is somewhere near at Tampines, in that we can but some of the affordable shawarma.

Luckily, Stuff'd decided to establish a store at Punggol Waterway. Nearer I can say have a delectable taste of sauces. What's my favorite? Their chicken shawarma with splashed with habanero sauce and mayo-cucumber. Yummmmmm!!!

It became a habit that this is our dinner for almost every Friday. Haha! Try it. Warning! Long queue on dinner time. :)

Stuff'd - Mexican. Turkish. Delicious.
Waterway Point East Wing #B1-16