Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Game Of Thrones Experience: Worlds Of Westeros - HBO Asia (Ion Orchard)

ABBEY: Winter is coming... Oh no, the sixth season of Game of Thrones will be airing April 26, 2016. And we're privileged that they conduct roadshow at Basement 4 of Ion Orchard Mall from April 2-7. 

It exhibits the storyboards, the sword replica of Ned Stark, the Walker and others. You can also have a virtual reality tour of the elevator of the wall. We're not able to see it as waiting time is almost two hours. A snap in green screen will have you posed with the dragon. 

But for me the most fun part is to have an opportunity to seat in the Iron Throne. Wow, it is great to be a king :)

WILL: The people now are going berserk because the wait will finally over! But HBO & Starhub heightens up the excitement further more by just putting up "Game of Thrones: World of Westeros" at Ion Orchard. 

We went there to checkout the iron throne but they exceed my expectation due they exhibit the actual swords used, storyboards, a 4D wall and a green screen for a photo-op for with Targaryen's dragon. 

Thanks to the sponsors. Can't wait to see the series this month! :)

Experience Westeros in Singapore  
2 - 7 APRIL 2016