Friday, April 8, 2016

Colour Your Buses by LTA Singapore : Lush Green Won

ABBEY: Land Transportaion Authority unveiled two new colors of bus; red and green. Red represents Singapore and the green for the lush greenery of the city state. They will let the people vote which color will be official. One of their road shows was held at Vivo City where me and my wife got a chance to board the public transport and get the feel of the new giants of the road.

The new buses have USB ports where you can charge your devices. It is more spacious.

The staircase of double-deckers are genius. It has two sets. One for going up and one for going down. No more bottlenecks when boarding and alighting.

Congratulations Singapore for this endeavor.

WILL: Singapore government is serious in upgrading its buses and trains for a better service they can offer to its residents. 

Weeks ago, they unveil the winner for the "Colour Your Buses" voting contest. Lush Green won (woooohoooo!) and they were scheduled to exhibit the new bus in three different locations and we waited them at VivoCity. 

It made me smile just seeing the color "green" bus parked outside mall. My smile accelerated  into extensive delight when I stepped in to the new friendly giants of Singapore's roads. The seat and its cover, the 2 exits (for the second decker passengers), the usb port for phone charging, and the emergency breakable glass ate the new things you can find in that buses. 

I can't wait to see those bus roaming around the Little Red Dot.