Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ben & Jerry's (Singapore) Couch Potato

ABBEY: I saw the sign of Ben & Jerry's new ice cream flavor and it read: "Couch Potato" Yes it was weird. 

I used to dip fries into a sundae but never I had imagined to package it along the ice cream. The potato chips were covered in chocolate. The taste is unique. The sweetness of dairy delight complements well the chips' saltiness. 

As the name implies, you'll be a couch potato as it gives you comfort while eating it.

WILL: Its a rainy Sunday and Abbey is out for some training at M Hotel. I am all alone and for the whole day, I only did was to lay my back down, munch pizza and chips while finishing the 8th season series of "Friends".

I asked Abbey to get some supplies for the following week, since it was raining, I told him to just go at Sheng Siong Clementi.

As he got home, I saw a bag of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and excitedly told me about the new flavor. The "Couch Potato". Jokingly told me that really suits me haha!

The taste is nice, the salty and sweet caramel was combined in a one tub. Sweet and salty taste will declare a war inside your mouth.

Thanks baby for this treat!