Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chili's Singapore Big Mouth Burger Day 2013

ABBEY: This is our second time to participate in Chili's Big Mouth. I was planning to be in the Big Mouth Challenge where will you eat as much burger as you want on a given time. I decided not to as I'm not prepared. We had our Big Mouth dinner at their JCube branch along with Vincent. 

As anticipated, the queue was long. You have to wait for 45 minutes to an hour so you can be accommodated. Or you can list your number and they'll call you once a table is available. We lined up on their waiting area and within 20 minutes, the staff ushered us on our table. All burger on that day is priced at a minimum of 8.80sgd. The burgers usually cost from 15sgd to 25sgd. A sure treat :) 

Our table is located across the kitchen and as curious as we are, we kept looking as what is happening there.  People are busy preparing food and you can smell the aroma of beef and fries. Our curiosity led to a bowl of chips, a compliment from the house. The chef assumed that we were impatient for our order. He even apologized we waited that long. But we told him we just wanted to look how things get done. I got my Southern Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth burger which comes with big serving of fries. 

I just dug in when the food was served. It was a big and heavy meal and it satisfied my hunger. The beef pattie was moist and juicy and the fries were crispy. It was a great dinner; low-cost, sumptuous food, and great stories with loved ones.

WILL: It's Chili's 3rd Annual Big Mouth Burger Day last 26th of June, and yes!!!, we were part of it again! This time we invaded the Chili's JCube branch.
6PM and the queue as long as MRT, and we were so lucky that we are on the first ten. We were given a table after 30minutes. Our seat was just beside the kitchen, and from there, we saw how dedicated the chef and the people doing the cooking. We are really amazed on their job.
Suddenly a bowl of nachos arrived our table and the waiter told us that is on the house, given by the chef! Gosh, maybe they saw us that we are drooling over the food. Hehe!
Our ordered arrived and as usual, you need really a big mouth to take a small bite on their burgers. I really love my Mushroom-Swiss Burger, it tastes like milk and the patty's texture is so soft!
Would love to go in here even without discount! See you more often, Chili's! Looking forward on next 2014's Big Mouth Burger!