Saturday, July 6, 2013

Man of Steel 2013

ABBEY: My long wait was over. Man of steel started its showing here in Singapore since June 13 and we watched it on the weekend after the release. We missed the start of the movie as we are late. We caught the scene in which Laura and Jor-El were preparing Kal-El for his departure from Krypton. The story is good. They were able to tell Superman's teen and young adult lives seamlessly. 

I was amazed by my hero's super strength which enables him to save his classmates from drowning when their bus plunged into a river. He also showed the same when an oil rig was caught on fire. It was a spectacular moment when his silhouette was shown and he emerged wearing his suit and cape blown by the wind. Its as if the Superman I've known before came back to life. 

The story between him and Lois Lane has twist though. On the lighter side Superman may have known how to wear his underwear the right way. 

I don't know if its only me, did Spiderman and Superman have the same tailor? There was a scene from the movie in which  I thought it was Spiderman if its not only for the cape :)

WILL: I am not fan of Superman neither Spiderman since Abbey's childhood hero is the Man of Steel, we include this movie on are watch on list for 2013.
      We were late for about minutes, so sad, but anyway, I like the movie's story. 8/10. A great movie for kids and their dads too. A total bonding time!