Monday, July 22, 2013

Tiong Bahru Bakery Singapore - Croissant

ABBEY: Wilma loves bread and pastries and I'm fond of giving her surprises specially after my night shifts where I buy breakfast for us. As I was searching for bread in Raffles City I saw Tiong Bahru bakery. I once read an article about the establishment that it is selling the best croissant. 

As curiosity kicks in, I waited until the shop's opening at 9am. They were giving bite-size samples of the croissant with chocolate (sorry I forgot the name) and it melted in my mouth. 

I went home with 3 croissants and a chocolate one. A piece costs $3.20; a reasonable price for a wonderful treat.

WILL: I heard the Tiong Bahru bakery when my Ma'am Ivy Woon told me that Sir Francis' and Kuya Dexter's birthday cake of 2012 was from that bakeshop, from there on I took a mental note that someday Abbey and I will visit that place. But...
      Abbey swept off my feet when he got home from a night shift and he is carrying a bag of Tiong Bahru croissants. He told me that it is a famous one here in Singapore and I want him to judge it out. 
      I smelled, I bit, I chewed! This is really a good one! Love it a lot! Even our housemate fell in love with it instantly.
      One of their branch is located at Raffles City and expect a long but fast served queue. 
      Don't miss to try this!