Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Manhattan Pizza Company Singapore - Pizza Buffet Dinner

ABBEY: Wilma and I both like pizza. Whenever budget and schedule is ok we also try restaurant buffets. So when Groupon released its deal regarding pizza buffet, we thought why we don't try both at the same time :) The Manhattan Pizza Company offers the deal. Located at Orchard Central it is accessible thru Somerset MRT.  

We went at 6pm and there was no queue. Their staffs clearly and warmly explained to us the mechanics and for a top up of 2sgd you can have free flow of soda. They advised us to order a slice at a time to enjoy the pizza while it is still hot. But since I deprived myself from food the whole day I ordered Pepperoni and MP Luncheon slices. The pizza didn't got the chance to loose its warmth as I already finished them within 15 minutes. I slowed down a bit and had a slice of BBQ chicken. Each pie is full of toppings and flavorful. I also enjoyed putting Tabasco sauce in it to add spice on each bite. Next two slices were Meat Lover. 

As I tried to push more pizza onto my stomach I had another Luncheon meat for my 6th slice. The last one I had is the Margherita. It has a unique taste because of the herb. I thought I can go for eighth but decided not to. Seven is enough; a perfect number. I took gulps of soda and then we headed home. Until next time.

WILL: I am always looking on their The Manhattan Pizza Company facebook page for giveaway opportunities but its always been a fail, oh darn, always defeated.And when I saw that Groupon Singapore came to a deal of $18 for an unlimited pizza, right away I asked Abbey to buy it for both of us and Vince.
     That was monday and really starved ourselves nearly to death, haha. My hubby and I came to their Orchard Central branch and asked the lady behind the counter to serve also their unlimited drinks and we topped-up $2. 
     We were surprised that they have a not so ordinary size of pizza serve here in Singapore. I ordered the pepperoni, and for me it is the best among the other flavors. 
     From 6pm to 930pm, we were there munching each pizza that we can take in. Love this kind of food, haha, stomach wrecking idea!    
     Thanks Abbey for the treat. Mwwah!