Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ben & Jerry's 'WICH

ABBEY: Wilma is craving for an ice cream-sandwich and this ice cream parlor offers it at 8.90 a piece we enjoyed their delicious in between a crunchy chocolate cookies. Be prepared to be messy as the cold treat will pop-up at every bite.

WILL: When time strikes back and all you can do is reminisce, food is not an exemption to the list. I really miss the Funwich of Presto. That's why when I saw the Ben and Jerry's ad, I really craved for it since then.
So I asked Abbey and Chat to go to VivoCity and indulge to this cold/sweet selection. At first, I thought this will only cost $5 but I am frustrated to see that for a so little pair brownies and a scoop of ice cram costs $8.90. But what I can do, I am drooling to taste this, so no choice but to buy.
Hmmm, the brownies is so crispy that when you your teeth sinked-in, the ice cream will spill out at the sides, but the brownies is so chewy and tasty, a perfect match for any ice cream flavor. A messy thing to eat, but worthy.