Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sushi Express Singapore

ABBEY: We were hungry after the visit at Asian Civilisation Musuem. While walking we decided to have sushi for dinner. So we headed towards Sushi Express at Citylink Mall. A plate of sushi is priced at 1.50. During peak hours a customer is given an hour to dine to give space to other customers who also want to eat.

I like the most is the salmon belly sushi. I forgot what they called it but it tastes delicious. I also tried the one with crab stick. We were full after finishing more than 20 plates of sushi.

WILL: Walk, walk, walk. After a long walk from ACM, I am craving to intake some wasabi hehe. Before meeting up Chat I saw Sushi Express now that has no queue. A great opportunity to taste their masterpieces, hehe. 
      All plates costs $1.50 and we really love their sushi and cakes! Yummy. But the wasabi is in packs, I hope they will get and cooked their own for distinction in flavor like the sakae sushi