Friday, June 3, 2011

iFotoclicker Photo Booth Philippines

Ifotoflicker gave our wedding more fun and enjoyment, besides my singing :) As it is owned by my cousin, and the business is just starting, we had the photo booth that fits on our budget. Guests were excited to strike a pose with different gestures and props. They didn't even bother their hunger since they are busy smiling at the camera. The prints are good. And the guests are happy with the results. We also picked our thank you snap from the photo booth pics. Thanks Tita Edith, Hazel, and Kathleen.

WILL: What will be your reaction if you have a very demanding customer? Maybe anxiety will come to a certain point right? Ano pa kaya pag ako ang naging client mo? 

Well, i am too demanding and my hobby is to haggle.  :) So sorry dear Hazel. 

I do not want an ordinary photo booth on our wedding. A half shot is not in my list. I want it to be like a Hollywood's red carpet shots! So I pushed iFotoclicker to go for whole body snaps! 

Now, when she asked me for tarpaulin design, i said i don't want to have our logo to be the backdrop, so I ashed he to look for some cloth with elegant design. Consisting of our motif... Gold. 

I don't even want out face to be on each printed paper. I just want our name and wedding date. 

I asked for blackboard/whiteboard so the guests can write mga hinanaing nila sa buhay. Hehe

Requests were all done. And exceeded all my expectations. How much? Her package is from Php7k. But we have it less than that! Haggle man!

Wishing the best to you Hazel, you are so dedicated girl in your works! :)