Saturday, April 23, 2011

Goldheart Singapore

Finally, we found the one ring. Its not in Mt. Doom but in Goldheart at NEX Serangoon mall. We visited a couple of Goldheart branches,but in NEX, they have the design that we want; simple and elegant :) The rings fit our fingers as well as our budget. These will symbol our union as husband and wife forever.

WILL: Until late Last year, we do not have the firm answer on the question "When is your wedding?" but we find time to look for suppliers.  Also last year, we found this jewelry shop. We are eyeing on this because they got the simple design of wedding rings.
Yeah! Just this February we purchased the sign of being married, the ring that we will wear to symbolize our affection with each other.
Why goldheart? Besides that they have the design we want, they have a very accommodating staffs, they have very nice ambiance na talagang mapapabili ka, and the free cleaning, free palit ng design for a year, vouchers and a lot more. We got these at their NEX branch.