Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tostitos Chunky Habanero Hot Salsa Dip

ABBEY: Don’t be intimidated by the “habanero” label on the jar but also not too complacent that it is not hot. 

We bought a pack of Tostitos Scoops and fill it with small amounts of salsa. The salsa will be sweet and not too much heat on first few scoops. But it will be in a few more. Haha. My advise is that eat it moderately and with wine or soda :)

Tostitos Chunky Habanero Hot Salsa Dip

WILL: Isn't nice to eat a bag of chips while watching your fave tv series? Abbey went extra mile and bought a Habanero Dip by Tostitos! 

Correct! It is spicccy!! You will finish a large bag of chips before you finish the spicy salsa dip! This is totally recommended to people who loves spicy salsa. 

Buy some soda at FairPrice! Enjoy the night!

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