Monday, July 23, 2018

Bad Bird | Umami Fried Chicken

ABBEY: This was one of the pasalubongs of Wilma coming back from Philippines. She said that they dined at Bad Bird restaurant (Robinsons Manila) and she wanted me to taste it. 

The chicken pieces are huge and rubbed with lots of spices; lots of it that the chicken became dark brown in color. The taste? The one that I had is spicy and lived up to its flavor. The chicken is not too fat but juicy. 

Next time, we will try other flavors.

Bad Bird | Umami Fried Chicken -- Spicy Flavor

Bad Bird | Umami Fried Chicken -- MENU

WILL: You may call it crazy, but I will consider it betrayal if I tried something new without my husband. So when I dined with my nieces and nephew while on vacation in Manila, I got the chance to try the Bad Bird located at Robinsons Manila. 

Finally, I saw a huge-sized fried chicken with rice. Hahaha! And when I tasted it, it flashbacked a memory of Kipp's Chicken of SM North foodcourt. Ahm, well, Bad Bird is better hahaha. It is crispier and not that oily. The taste will make you crave for more. Yum! 

Back on my story. For me not to be haunted by this feeling of betrayal, I brought Abbey Spicy 4 piece platter with hush puppies for only Php695.   

Thanks Ate Ynnah for buying those for Tito Abbey. This Bad Bird is recommendable!

Bad Bird | Umami Fried Chicken / Manila
(H) 10am - 9pm
(A) L1, Robinsons Place Manila, Pedro Gil, Brgy 670 Ermita Manila

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