Monday, July 2, 2018

Bello and Bella Boutique Hotel and what to do in Cheras KL Malaysia

ABBEY: We stayed for a day at Bello and Bella Boutique Hotel after coming from Cameron Highlands. It is a 15-20-minute cab ride from KL Sentral. We were warmly welcomed by Yaya as we wait for check-in time. As it is a boutique hotel our room is a compact one; but it has bathtub as well as a skyroof. The bed is soft and the sheets are clean. That is enough for us to have a good sleep. 

There’s a nearby mall (Cheras Leisure Mall) from the hotel and we decided to take a look. We had dinner at Simple Life - Tracy’s Kitchen; a vegetarian restaurant. I got their version of Nasi Lemak with multi-grain rice. I can say that they “tricked” my eyes. It was Nasi Lemak without the chicken :)

We had salted egg tart from Mr. Chizu for dessert. The price is way cheaper than we had in Singapore. It is creamy and the base is a bit crunchy.

Bello and Bella Boutique Hotel

WILL: After our short cold-escape at Cameron Highlands, we went to Cheras to feel the vibe at one of the longest night market in KL. Sadly, we learned that it is only open on a Wednesday night. To alleviate the frustration, we just pigged out at the Cheras Leisure Mall mall just behind our hotel Bello and Bella. 

For dinner we dined at Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant. Yes! It is healthy because it is all vegetables. Yes again! It is so delicious! All veggie laksa! How they do that? Taste seemingly surpassed the real laksa without guilt feeling of eating a big bowl of it. 

We roam just outside of Leisure Mall and found Comfort. They are offering a foot reflex. Oh my! We are longing for this for months and we cease it this time! How was it? As usual, it is not good enough for me. Haha! The masseur is not hitting the right spot. The pressure was hard but at the wrong point. Abbey?! As usual, happy and satisfied! Haha! 

After the massage, Abbey ordered coffee, we bought some snacks, and cones of McDonald's ice cream. 

The perfect Salted Egg Tart (which we ate for breakfast), saltines, creaminess and the crispy tart dough.. just nice with my cup of tea. "Bundat" to the max! 

Before I forgot! The Bello and Bella experience was superb. I feel at home into this Boutique Hotel because of their staff Yaya. I felt that she is a sister to me. Weird right? Hehe. The room is space-constrained but still reasonable. Because Abbey and I love sunlight, we opted to stay at their Deluxe Sky View Queen Room. But we do not have enough time to enjoy the cute bathtub and the sky view! Argh! The shampoo/shower gel in one have this aroma that is quite relaxing. No free breakfast but you can go to the lobby and take a unlimited coffee and tea and socialise with other hotel guests. Lovely boutique hotel! Very recommendable!

Bello and Bella - Luxury Boutique Hotel Cheras
(A)19, Jalan Manis 6, Taman Segar, 56100, Cheras Kuala Lumpur

Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant
(A)L2.24C, Level 2, Cheras Leisure Mall, Jalan Manis 6, Taman Segar, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur56100

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