Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Malindo Air (Kuala Lumpur - Singapore)

ABBEY: Malindo is a Malaysian airline and it is our airline of choice going back to Singapore after a short stint at Kuala Lumpur. The flight is short; only an hour but our plane I think reached Singapore 45 minutes :)

With the minimum travel time, in-flight entertainment is there. I finished two episodes of a television series.

Malindo Air (Kuala Lumpur - Singapore)

Malindo Air (Kuala Lumpur - Singapore)
WILL: Malindo (Malaysia and Indonesia) Air promotes a very attractive airfare from KL to Singapore. 

For only $43.38 for two pax, we got a seat with reasonable leg room, an in-flight entertainment, but... I expect that there will be a food on board and they only serve us a cup of juice. Sad! Flight for 60minutes and below, they will only offer you a drink. Aww!

Anyways, I had an enjoyable flight! Till we meet again, Malindo Air! 

Malindo Air
(W) https://www.malindoair.com

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