Monday, October 16, 2017

Pizza Hut Singapore - Wow! Take-Away Promotion

ABBEY: We recently “miss” the oily/greasy pan pizza of Pizza Hut. So we headed to their branch at WaterwayPoint (Punggol) and was surprised that they have takeaway promo. 

They are offering personal, regular and large pizzas for 5, 10, and 15SGD respectively and you can choose from 19 flavors (2SGD top up for specialty pizza). We had a large size Wild About Mushrooms. 

It was cheesy, aromatic and full of flavor. We even came back for a second one, but this time paid 6SGD more to load our crust with more cheese. 

Thanks Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut Singapore's Wild About Mushroom 
Pizza Hut Singapore - Wow! Take-Away Promotion 

WILL: Abbey reminded me that it seems that we haven’t eaten pizza for months. And yes he is drooling to taste some dough and toppings. Luckily, Pizza Hut is running a promotion for take-aways. 

After our ritual running one weekday, we dropped by at Pizza Hut's WaterwayPoint branch. 

We went for a flavour that is new to our eyes, Wild About Mushrooms. Abbey added $2 on top of $15 for a large size pizza for 'specialty' flavour. 

Bite after bite, Pizza Hut Singapore proved to me that I miss the taste of their 'oily' and crunchy dough and made me delighted to taste a new white sauce put together with mushroom (taste like secret sauce of Domino's). It is a perfect combination. 

Indeed, that pizza made us feel good and the craving was satisfied. 

Go and visit the nearest Pizza Hut and get your $5, $10 or $15 Whole Pizza. Yep! No hidden charges!

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