Saturday, October 7, 2017

FREE Downloadable Resume Templates

Year end is coming and we are not here to ask you how does your resolutions or your 52-week challenge going. We are here to remind you to check how's your career? 

Are you stuck, idle and unrecognized by your boss? Do you feel bored on your job and you feel that can you do something more or you deserve more benefits? Or you already figured out finally your mission in life and have a concrete decision that you will move on to next dream company/job. 

Here! Like you, we opened up again our CVs and turned the boring paper we had to an exciting and hit-on-the topic content. 

You can download the FREE formats below. 

Let's go through the parts:
PROFILE: This is were you will boast how many years of expertise you have. 

WORK EXPERIENCE: Do not enumerate what you are doing, like answering the phone/emails, but make this part of your paper attractive by keying-in what is the most relevant/problems you solved, how you make the company and client happy. 

TOOLS/SOFTWARES: Be sure that you will only put what is appropriate on the job you are applying.

ACHIEVEMENTS/CERTIFICATIONS: C'mmon! Take pride on the awards you had received. 

TRAININGS: Stick to the your career path. It will not be necessary to put there your crocheting class if you are applying to be the next astronaut going to the moon. 

REFERENCES: Let them know that you dropped their name to be your reference. Do not allow that they will be caught off-guard. 

Hoping that we help many people thinking for a career shift. 
Be happy! We only have ONE LIFE! 'Till next time guys! ---Abbey&Will

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