Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Miska Cafe at Quayside Isle (Sentosa Island)

ABBEY: My lovely wife planned this brunch date. We visited Miska at Sentosa Cove. You can catch a bus going there at Harbourfront Bus Interchange. 

The view is great and relaxing; yacht, smiling people and sunny weather. 

I got Doner and Rice. The chicken and veal is tender and moist. I eat them without the sauce (as I didn’t want the taste) and its good. I like the rice. The butter on it made me crave for more.

Miska Cafe Menu

Miska Cafe Menu

WILL: Husband’s brain is quite stressed. Why? He is joggling shifting job, 2 trainings, my constant reminder of blogposts, and family affairs. And one day, he blurted out “I want to go to a beach and relax!”, haha! 

I cannot provide that request, why? No more leave is available for me. All used up! Bleh! And to accommodate that Abbey’s wish, I told him that I set-up a mystery date place. Tandaannnn! He wanted to feel sea breeze, We went to Sentosa’s Quayside Isle.  It is just beside W Hotel. 

We took taxi from Harbourfront bus Interchange and alight at right after the parking spaces of yachts. 

We dined at Miska Cafe. I went for Falafel! The size is a shocker. Their serving is for giants. Haha! I inly finished half and Abbey is so full that he do not have the audacity to take some of it. Two thumbs up for Miska’s Falafel. 

Keep an eye on their alcoholic promotions. Booze and food plus beautiful scenery equals total relaxation.

Miska Cafe @ Quayside Isle
(W) www.miskacafe.com
(H) 10AM – 10PM
(A) 31 Ocean Way, #01-07 Quayside Isle (Sentosa)
(T) 6339 0903