Tuesday, August 15, 2017

WTS Travel Bus - Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (Booked at CatchThatBus)

ABBEY: It’s my first time going to Kuala Lumpur. Yey! My wife planned that our entry to the city is thru a bus. We purchased a couple of tickets online for 70SGD and our seats were reserved at WTS Travel busline. It will leave Jurong at 11:59PM on a Friday. 

We were at front of Big Box and hopped on the bus and few minutes only we were headed on our way. We really started travelling at 2AM after the immigration ceremonies (and it’s a weekend). We arrived at TBS Terminal Bersepadu Selatan 6:30AM Saturday. We have 2 stopovers but we preferred to sleep. 

The commute is ok and smooth, and cold :) The driver always ensure that we’re complete before going off.

WTS Travel Bus - Singapore to Kuala Lumpur
WTS Travel Bus - Singapore to Kuala Lumpur 

WILL: I am keeping an eye on the schedule of busses from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur for months. Yes with “S”. We are waiting for Abbey’s leave to be approved, but when the office schedule was updated, the bus I want to ride on is fully booked. On that, we went on based on our denoted time of departure and landed to WTS Travel. 

This bus is just a “meh”. They only provide what is a necessary. A comfortable chair that you can recline and sleep to and an aircon. That’s it. No usb plug for you to charge, no tv, and meal to snack on. But our driver is exquisitely kind. 

Our driver goes extra mile, he waited for us in front of customs Malaysia Customs Gate and gather us around. He accompanied us to our bus parking lot. Unlike other passenger experiencing the agony of checking one by one the plate number of the busses parked. 

Thanks WTS for making our very first travel to KL by land comfortable. 

You can see all the bus operators schedule and prices at CatchThatBus.com

Have a safe trip to all.

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