Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sabio By The Sea at Quayside Isle (Sentosa Island)

ABBEY: After a heavy brunch at Miska, we went to Sabio by the Sea (still at Quayside Isle) for coffee and their famous dessert; Salty Butter Caramel Lava Cake.. 

I got a cappucino. The taste is not that strong but creamy. I enjoyed the dessert specially when the filling flowed down like lava after the cut. The caramel was not too sweet which is ok for me and it really went well with the ice cream.

Sabio by the Sea at Quayside Isle - Menu 
Sabio by the Sea at Quayside Isle - MEnu

WILL: We walked down the Quayside Isle on intention to make some spaces for our dessert. Yes! I won’t waste my time and $2 bus fee not to try the well known house signature dessert of Sabio by the Sea... the Pastel de Mantequilla Salada Carmelo de Lava or Salty Butter Caramel Lava Cake. 

All is offering Chocolate Lava so, this is a new thing to explore to. 

We partnered the Caramel Lava Cake with hot drinks. Tea for me, coffee for Abbey! Gosh! On instant, it was written in my fave list. Haha! 

Go on take your date here at Quayside Isle. You will never forget the experience.

Sabio by the Sea @ Quayside Isle
(H)  3–10PM
(A) 31 Ocean Way, #01-02 Quayside Isle (Sentosa)
(T) 6690 7568