Wednesday, January 13, 2016

52 Week Money Saving Challenge - 2015 (Singapore Dollar Version)

ABBEY: Before the year 2015 came, we already finalized our plan to take the 52-week challenge. It is to save specific amount of money each week. But first goal must be set first. The money we'll collect is to fund our California and Disneyland trip. We only need small budget as we will stay with our relatives.

The US escapade was halted due to some unexpected hurdles along the way but that didn't deter us to complete the challenge. We started with 1SGD and increments of 2 dollars after. We want it to be fun so when we're drafting the plan, we went back to 1SGD at the half of the year. This made that the highest contribution per week is a little more than 50SGD. More than that, then it'll be a burden for us. We want to enjoy it as time goes.

Sometimes, if I gave 10SGD for 5SGD collection, nothing comes back. My wife is telling that "our" bank doesn't give change :) We also put money we got from Chinese New Year packets or changes in our pockets.

We won the challenge and it was a great feeling of accomplishment. The fund will be used for our rental apartment investment. By the way, we got 53 weeks in 2015 :)

WILL: We make to a point that we enjoy every goal we are focusing at. This is one of those. Haha!

Blogged about saving money, that is started at $1 (saw and experienced the cons) then we went up to $2 (loves the result) and now we are posting our experience in the 52-week money challenge.

We went for odd numbers, $1 - $53 and once we hit 26th week we restart to $1. Why start again at $1? Well $55 and so on is not fun anymore. It feels to be more obligation. And our goal is just to surpass our past savings (inflation applies in savings too haha) and to reach an amount that can suffice an airfare from Chicago to California. But because Abbey cannot have a leave that is more than 2 weeks, decided to divert the 52-week challenge funds to another project. 

We enjoyed this 52-week challenge and we got our savings for fun-funds doubled the amount. We are proud to announced that we are one of the finishers. We will definitely do this again.

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Do not procrastinate to start the habit of saving, the template is free!!!