Saturday, January 9, 2016

Teddy&Me Cafe Singapore @ Marina Square Shopping Mall

ABBEY: We planned twice to visit Teddy&Me Cafe  but both of them failed. No time as our guests' schedules were tight. But on Christmas Eve, we set foot on their branch at Marina Square. 

We got carbonara with a cup of your of coffee and chicken pot pie. It all costs $30.90. I liked the pasta; it is creamy and the taste reminds me of the noodles we used to eat back in Philippines. The pie crust is crunchy and the filling is delicious. We also watched episodes of Mr. Bean. They still made me laugh even though I saw it multiple times. 

They also serve desserts like sundaes, ice cream, waffles, and crepes.

WILL: Another cafe that holds the flagship of a famous tv series. I am thinking that this will be a lame idea for us to splurge and get the same taste like the other western restaurant offers. But who am I to reject this idea. Abbey requested for it. 

I love pies so I went for Chicken Pie and husband for Carbonara. As usual we always chitchat on many ideas that needs actions. Pasta landed in his mouth, and blurted out "Mmmm. Taste this!" I obliged and it instantly reminds me Lucky Me Pancit Canton of the Philippines. Bite after bite my mind is chasing where that flavour came from? What they have done to the white sauce to be tasted like that. The pie is just the same as others. 

Well, let's go back to their carbonara  That white sauce pasta will be the reason that I will be coming back to Teddy&Me Cafe.

Teddy&Me Cafe 
Plaza Singapura #05-20
Marina Square #02-207A

Teddy&Me Playground
Changi Airport Terminal 3 B2