Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Singapore's Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

ABBEY: I thought the slope I trekked on the way to the Treetop Walk of Mac Ritchie is steep. But I was wrong. Going to the summit of Bukit Timah is challenging but fulfilling. 

You will be welcomed by few steps on wood planks, then dirt then concrete. Here come the first challenge. I didn't got the time to measure the steepness of the slope as I'm already busy to climb the hill and see to it that I don't faint. Haha. The slope decreased so we got time to catch our breath. I can feel my heart pounding so hard. 

By the time that I felt I'm all ok, then the next challenge came before our very eyes; stairs with a LOT of steps. After completing maybe 50 steps I got on the first landing. I immediately get the drink on my bag as I feel that I'm losing electrolytes. It was very refreshing. A couple of more steps then I reached the summit. A landmark and a hut was waiting for us. 

It was a fun experience and encouraging as well. People of all ages, young and old are climbing it. Just take your time and your own pace and surely you will reach the top.

WILL: I scheduled a trek last April but unfortunately it was still closed for renovation. When the Bukit Timah officials announced that they will open some parts, Abbey and I scheduled it instantly after our Pulau Ubin adventure.

I heard a lot of things about this place. And on that cue I muster myself mentally and physically. I am mumbling to myself that I must be brave and don’t mind if I will see snakes, lizards or any reptiles. I am well prepared mentally then I saw the steep slope and started to trek, I am wishing to reach the end fast. But it seems no end. My heart started to pump faster! It is a success until I saw the stairs! Never ending steps and I think I heard my heart stop pumping! Bwahaha! I rest for a while and few more steps I reached the summit.. Me and April reached last!

Abbey and I will absolutely go back here for us to try the side tracks! :) A lovely experience!