Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Spizza: Best Pizza Restaurant and Pizza Delivery in Singapore

ABBEY: It is very rewarding going to a birthday party. We went to 10th birthday bash of Spizza at Club St. They are offering their medium pizzas for 10sgd. (u.p.  starts at 15sgd). I tried their Xandra, a rich-aroma, crunchy thin crust pizza with beef, pineapple and capsicum toppings. Alongside are the condiments (chilli flakes, chilli oil, olive oil, parmesan, and salt and pepper). I also indulge in their Gnocchi. The pasta is dressed with an ample serving of thick cream sauce and cheese with cooked ham. A must-try for cheese-lovers. 

WILL: Spizza's 10th Anniversary and for bringing it back all the support that made by its diners, they offered a one-day promotion of $10.00 for a medium size pizza on any choice. We went at their 29 Club Street branch to celebrate its birthday. :)
      This is our first time to dine in their place, and I expected that the ambiance of their restaurant will be like more of fastfood chains that is in the mall but I am surprised to see the design and concept. Very romantic, ha! When walked-in, me and my husband immediately greeted their staffs a Happy Birthday and the gave back a smile to us.
      Time to fill up our tummy, I ordered a a medium size Quinta (U.P $18.00), I am really curios about the taste of Black Truffle Paste. When our pizza came out from their oven, the aroma of dough hits me really hard, it made me drool. Unlike offered by many large commercialized pizzeria, this is extra-ordinary. The taste is awesome that I can't explicate and I don't want to share it also with my husband. Haha.. Gluttony kicked in.
      After minutes of munching on my egg with black truffle paste slices, another explicit dish settled on our table. Sorry to our readers but this is my first time to eat a gnocchi. Well, we fell in love with this dumpling floating in a Gorgonzola cream with ha. Loveeeee itttttt. This costs us $17.00 and can be shared by two.
      This restaurant is very recommendable. Thanks Spizza for the promotion, more anniversary to come. Call 63777773 for delivery.