Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kneipp Foot Bath Crystals

ABBEY: These are my feet's best buddy when they're tired and aching. Put warm water on a basin and mix in the crystals. Soak your feet and feel them revitalized. The product has a pleasant, relaxing aroma too. It's like you're having a foot spa at the comfort of your own home.  We got this one as prize on an online contest.

WILL: Salt was known for their antiseptic property so why not incorporate them at footbaths. This is one many products Kneipp gave Abbey when he won a $20 voucher. 
      This is a nice bottle to have. You don't need to go somewhere to soothe your swelling feet, in the comfort your own home, you can soak away all the pain that your feet feels.
      The aroma of this salt filled our room and give an extra relaxing aura. Thanks Kneipp for this organic foot crystals. Visit the Guardian Paragon branch for more info on Kneipp products.