Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dunkin' Donuts Singapore

I planned several times after my night shifts that I'll be bringing donuts to Wilma for breakfast. But all plans failed. One time she asked me to come by at her office after my morning shift. As I was walking to the MRT station, lo and behold, I got an idea to buy donuts and her officemates for snack. She was surprised to see me with a box of long-timed-crave-for donuts. Half dozen is less than 10sgd. The branches that I have visited is ION Orchard and Esplanade Exchange. I hope they will serve munchkins also :)

WILL: Dunkin' donuts. Ang kinalokohan kong donuts. We are so excited to see that they have stall in esplanade. Abbey will not spend an extra effort to go to ion orchard for box of this.
The taste? Same in philippines but the texture ia different.  Sa atin kasi parang puno lng ng hangin. Haha! Well what will you expect for a Php10 donut right? But still, i love this, a fulfillment to go back sa mga nakalakihan mong lasa.