Friday, March 18, 2011


I was hooked into this anime when my team lead gave me copy of Naruto. My college barkada used to tell stories after they watch the anime in AXN. Now Naruto is a teenager, more determined to become a Hokage someday in his own ninja way. He defeated Gaara, other Akatsuki members, and also Pain. I'm not into the manga ones. I always wait for the anime; full colors, voice and animation. Kage-bushin ninjutsu or Oiroke no Jutsu (sexy jutsu)? Which one is better? :)

WILL:I really love animes and i do not know why. What i like with Naruto? How he values the friendship and how wacky he is to face any problem. Actually he is not that very strong unlike Eugene, his heart and love just prevail in his every fight.