Saturday, January 31, 2015

Leonardo da Vinci's Earlier Mona Lisa at The Arts House at the Old Parliament Singapore

ABBEY: Two paintings or one? Labelling and exhibiting as 'Earlier version of Monalisa', the ownership is as mysterious as the woman in the canvass.

Singapore is the first leg of the exhibiton and we're glad that we got a chance for the tour of the lady. For 20sgd, each guest will be given a tablet along with headphones to have a guided tour. It explains the meticulous process the painting went to state its claim. From physical inspection, history, x-rays, symmetry up into the number of pixels, the two artworks have huge similarities.
Even experts and critics were baffled by it. 

For me it won't matter if there will be two paintings. It would just add  a number more for the iconic works of Master Leonardo.

WILL: Have a second painting of Mona Lisa?!

That question intrigued me and furiously requested Abbey to have a date with me at the The Old Parliament House. But because of tight schedule, we passed the idea week after week. Until we won tickets for the said Mona Lisa’s world tour. Leonardo da Vinci’s Earlier Mona Lisa started its worldwide journey here in Singapore. How lucky the Singapore right?

The exhibit answered intricately all the mind-boggling questions we have. Is it true? Does Leonardo painted it by himself? If yes, what are their proofs? What will be the look for the Earlier version of Mona Lisa? How did they find it? I admittedly amazed by the way of mathematical and painting techniques used by Leonardo. He is really a master of his art.

Room after room while listening to the tab lent to us, we arrived at the final room. The room where the younger Mona Lisa waits for us! This is a hair-raising experience! The room have dim lights and very cold surroundings. No spotlight for the painting as painting has its own lighting. Gosh! Face to face with Mona Lisa! Goosebumps!

This painting changed the history. Now I have this urge to see the Mona Lisa of Louvre.