Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Xi Long Hotpot & Family KTV Deal from iMOB Shop

ABBEY: Maybe it is in-born or maybe since I'm on the choir in early days, I want to practice spand showcase my talent on singing. So we decided to have another session at KTV (across Haw Par Villa MRT). 

For 7SGD via iMOB SMRT offer, you can sing all you want for three hours and have a free flow of drinks. The room is smaller compared to the one in Bugis but still we have the same fun. Just go to the list and pick the songs you like, or songs that you know only parts or words of them. S

ing your heart out. No one will "boo" you.

WILL: Holiday mood never ends on 25th December. Ha! We love singing!!! iMob released a very affordable 3-hour KTV with unlimited drinks for only $7. In luck, our nurse friend said that she is on off that Sunday. With no hesitation, we bought the ticket and booked our desired time. 

A bit frustrated of the place because it is too small for a group of 4. No way we can dance on that space. Hihi! No one can stop our merriment-making even Vince has a laptop sending some emails to his colleagues.

We hit Madonna, Spice Girls (of course), Abba, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, and a lot more.

Recommendable? Excellent for cleanliness, the scent inside of the room is pleasant and the air conditioning is quite unbearable. Thanks iMob. Keep the good deals coming!