Thursday, February 6, 2014

Saint Marc Cafe Singapore

ABBEY: After a loaded snack at Carl's Jr., Chat invited us to have some coffee. We've been to Vivo City multiple times but this is the first time we set our feet on St. Marc Cafe. They offer Japanese tea, desserts and coffee. 

I picked choco banana split. It took more than a couple of minutes for my order but when my coaster lighted up and I saw my frozen delight, it was worth the wait. With my long-handled teaspoon, I scooped the vanilla ice cream and the taste is delicious. Not too sweet...very creamy and smooth. It costs 9sgd which is reasonable with all the presentation and great taste. 

Next dine in, I'll their other creations.

WILL: After our usual dinner/snack at our "official tambayan" with Chat, she told us that she want to have a coffee and its her treat!! Yehhheyy! For us, I told her to try the new St. Marc Cafe and she agreed. Hmmm, do you have this kind of friend? None? Well, pray for one. Haha!

Make way to St. Marc Cafe's hot chocolate...creamy and so chocolatey. This is a great place to catch up with your friends. Cozy, quite place. Oh for people like Abbey who love sweets, they are offering ice creams here.