Wednesday, February 26, 2014

NeNe Chicken Singapore - Star Vista Branch

ABBEY: We have tried BonChon and now is the time to tickle our taste buds with delights from Nene Chicken. 

We dined on their branch at Star Vista mall (nearest MRT is Bouna Vista). The place can accommodate 20-25 pax. Save your chat with your friends and place your order. It will take time to get ready and wait until your coaster lights up. It's worth the wait. 

I've got Green Onion. The chicken is crunchy outside and moist and flavorful inside. It is mouth-watering and absolutely you'll ask for more. The soy sauce mixed with rice have a hint of wasabe and really complimented the chicken. Their fries is a bit different as they are thin but delicious. You can either eat your meal with bare hands and get messy or you can ask for a disposable gloves on the counter. Depends on how you want to enjoy your experience.

WILL: Sorry… I chicken out to try the freaking hot flavored chicken! Huhu! NeNe Chicken originates in Korea, so popular in that land that found its way to cater the cravings of their Singapore fans.

I first saw their branch here in Star Vista, their place was well lit but constricted. I then asked Abbey to set a date to dine at this place and that was planned to be with my very good friend / blog model… Chat. Haha!

We met, sat and ordered. As I told you, I backed-out to taste the freaking hot when I saw some of diners keep on gasping for an air when they take a bite on that piece of red chicks. I went for Snowing Cheese, Abbey for Green Onion and Chat for Swicy. My order, of course, pact with cheese, not so salty but quite sweet. The serving is too big for me. As usual, I asked my husband to eat the rest for me.

Their french fries oh I mean their Buffalo Sticks tastes so good that if I am not that full, I will buy for tapao. I like the pickled radish too.

Go ahead and visit their Star Vista branch, their service is quite slow but I am sure that it is worth the wait.