Thursday, February 20, 2014

Phi Phi Island Tour by Sea Angel Cruise Co. Ltd.

ABBEY: Phi phi don island hopping is a whole day tour. For 2500, you enroll on the tour and this includes buffet lunch and light refereshments. Two-way transfer (hotel-pier-hotel) is also on the package. We got on the pier by 9am. Flippers can be rented at 100bhat a pair. We boarded a 3-motor speedboat with a capacity of 40-50 persons. Our energetic and lively tour guide, "Ms. Susan", briefed on what is in store for us. She reminded us to remember our boat number else she'll come back to us the next day if we missed to board the boat. 

We went to Maya beach where the movie "The Beach" was filmed. The sand is very fine and soft. The scenery of rock formations are breath-taking. Visitors are encouraged to walk barefoot to feel the softness of the sand. Next is the Viking Cave. It is a private property so we only got to look the entrance of the cave. Then we went to monkey beach. The high tide didn't permit us to dock on the beach but we had our time to feed the monkeys. We dipped at the sea for snorkelling before we had our buffet lunch at Phi Phi Don island. This is the island which was struck by tsunami on the year 2004. Now the inhabitants recovered and doing business as usual. 

Last stop is Khai island. For 100bhat you can rent a pair of beachbed with umbrella and fruits and refreshments were served as part of the tour. We had a good time at Khai island; on the sand, water and rocks. We headed to our hotel after a whole day trip feeling refreshed and relaxed.

WILL: I love beaches, I love to see a big bodies of water but I am also afraid of it. 2nd of January is the day to tour the other islands near Phuket Thailand. That was the day to go to the beautiful Phi Phi.

We got to the Sea Angel speedboat, traveled for an hour and viola! The "The Beach" beach is in front of us. Our tour guide asked us to step at the sand barefoot. The sand is milky white, the sun is not so hot and the marvellous formation of rocks that seems covering the shore for a possible intruder. The Creator really creates magnificently.

We took some shots from outside of a private cave. Someone buying a cave? So rich? Haha! Then we went to a cliff were the old James Bond jumped off.

"Fish be with you" is all I can say when I saw a lot of fish swim around us. I am afraid of them, huhuhu! And the naughty captain of our boat have the guts to throw a bread around me, of course more fish went beside me and all I can do is shout in horror. Vince and Abbey laughing and so delighted. I hate you guys!

A buffet was served at Koh Phi Phi Don, this were the Tsunami hit big time. Ms. Susan told us that the water swept the whole island for barely 5 minutes. We stayed there for an hour just to take our lunch.

We never stepped out from the boat when we visited the Monkey Island, some tourist just handed over peanuts for them to enjoy.

Last stop is at Khai island. We sit, we ate watermelon and pineapple non-stop, we take photo, and we swim.

This is a whole day tour, so if you plan to go for this, you must get your body to soak at sea water and be bathed at the rays of the sun.

Do not forget to put a sunblock, this is a must for this kind of trip. Water was served and snack inside our speed boat. All you need to bring is your camera and yourself! Haha! A very relaxing a nice experience.