The Ultimate Singapore Traveller’s Freebie Guide E-Book

This eBook is will help you to skip the process of scrimping and saving just to splurge for your travel in Singapore. Imagine what would be like travelling Singapore that you will only pay for your transportation, hotel room and food.
It will benefit you to:
*Save Time – All great places of Singapore are in here. You can plan your getaway as easy as 1-2-3. We also incorporate a vacation planner for your meticulous preparation on your sweet escape.
*Save Money – This eBook is not your ordinary travel guides. This eBook is focused on the free stuffs you can enjoy in Singapore. We have included also hotels for you to stay in low cost but do not compromise the quality, famous food centres for you to enjoy the local food and places to indulge you to shop!

Let’s all travel Singapore!


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-Floi Wycoco, Founder & President - The Global FIlipino Investors -
The Ultimate Singapore Traveller’s Freebie Guide E-Book will not just help you to know the most affordable places, authentic food to eat, and the best quality activities to do in Singapore, it is your best option to have your own personal tour guide as you visit the first world Singapore. This ebook defines history, geography, and the greatness of this country; it's like the encyclopedia of exploring Singapore!

- Victor Pierre, IT Supervisor for Local Government
 As a seasoned traveler and a food junkie, I can say that Wilma is one of the best travel advisor I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Her advice is practical, actionable and accessible to anyone no matter where they are in their journey. Her book "The Ultimate Singapore Traveller's Freebie Guide" was awesomely designed and very easy to read on my tablet and Iphone.

- Nolan Lazaro, Founder of Super OFW Investor & a Personal Finance Blogger -
 Having worked and lived in Singapore for 4 years, I was surprised I didn't know some of the tips Wilma has shared in her ebook. I look forward to checking them on my next travel. I recommend everyone to get a copy of this book! You'll save a lot of troubles, you will be traveling SG like a Pro- just like Wilma!

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