Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Stone Barn Zinfandel Rose - California 2011

ABBEY: This wine is sweet and alcohol level is within my preference. Good to pair with meat as well as your chips for a midnight snack.

Stone Barn Zinfandel Rose - California 2011
WILL: There'll be a time that you you will miss the taste of wine. Or maybe you are in a celebratory mood or you just like to feel drunk. Haha. 

When Abbey and I went to Fairprice. There's an array of dicounted wines. We do not know what to choose but all we need is with a sweet kick. Gladly, Abbey downloaded and app and helped us to choose what bottle we should go for. Tadannnnn! Stone Barn 2011. A seven year old bottle. 

It is not expensive. It only cost us a SGD18.40. It is enticingly red and the sweetness suited Abbey's taste. Don't wonder if he is the one who finished it up. Haha! 

'Till our next wine drinking session! 

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