Wednesday, June 6, 2018

NEM Blockchain Centre

ABBEY: We visited NEM Blockchain Centre at Kuala Lumpur. It has massive space for hosting 100+ people events, project incubators, boardrooms meetings, teleconferences, and even a nap room when you get tired. 

It also functions as a co-working space for other startup/blockchain enthusiasts. We were also fortunate to meet one of the NEM advisors, then president, Lon Wong. 

Our visit was worth the while as we’re accompanied by NEM Malaysia team; Lance, Shin Tatt, Leroy, Anthony, and Sharmilla. Thanks guys.

WILL: Do you know that NEM is one of the friendliest blockchain community you will ever find? Well, how did I know? They accepted me. Hahaha! I am a volunteer in NEM and we need to learn more about the advocacy of the Foundation and deep dive with the technology itself. And on that, we visited the NEM Blockchain Center located at Kuala Lumpur. 

Got trained technically (still scratching the surface haha) and we witnessed the day in and day out of NEM Tech Team. 

What's inside the NEM Blockchain Center? They have rooms for incubators and startups, Pitching Room, Exchange Room, a cafe, nap area, a 150pax auditorium and conference room. Oh! They have privacy booths too, if you want to take calls or video chat. 

Do you need tech training? Arrange a group of 30pax and they will do it for you FREE! You want to integrate your business into the blockchain? Look for Sir Lance or Leroy and they will help you, don't worry, they will not bill you for consultation fee. 

For people who will be visiting KL, visit NEM Blockchain Center! You will be welcomed with a smile! 

Learn the blockchain. Be part of the future.

NEM Blockchain Centre 
(A)Lot 1.02 Level 1, GLO Damansara, Jalan Damansara 60000 KL, Wilayah Persekutuan Malaysia
(T) +603 8800 8636

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