Friday, May 4, 2018

Xiang Rui Zhou Pin 祥瑞粥品 - One of the BEST Porridge

ABBEY: Wilma introduced this porridge to me when the stall is still at Tanjong Pagar. We buy it every morning. Haha. Somehow the Tanjong Pagar hawker center was renovated and it was closed. Her colleague told her that it has a branch at Kovan. I searched for it and found it. Now it is closer to our home. 

A bowl starts at 3.50SGD with pork slices, century egg and youtiao. It was delicious. The taste is right; no need for condiments. They also have chicken, frog and minced pork. 

This is a must-try. Expect queue as well.

Xiang Rui Zhou Pin 祥瑞粥品 - One of the BEST Porridge 

Xiang Rui Zhou Pin 祥瑞粥品 - One of the BEST Porridge
WILL: Every lunch we are requesting to one of our colleague to buy a bowl of this porridge. And it is a mile away. Haha! Not always, they are in the mood to walk that far. In luck, they have a branch at Kovan  

Abbey, always craved for its taste and sometimes after his night shift he will buy some of those for breakfast. Of course you are not intrigued of its taste, for sure it is tasty unlike other porridge that taste water haha! 

Umami flavour enveloped that porridge. Not just water and rice. The pork and century egg merged to satisfaction! Buy an extra fried dough, and soak it to your  porridge to soften! Yummy! 

With this, who will say porridge is a meal for a sick man? 

Xiang rui Zhou pin (祥瑞粥品)
(A) Kovan Hougang Market & Food Centre 205 Hougang St 21

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