Monday, January 1, 2018

Pezzo Pizza Singapore's Charcoal Dough

ABBEY : Pezzo Pizza is offering 3 unique pizza flavors on their pizza line. Each pizza is having black charcoal dough. 

We bought  a slice of What the Duck, Pump'd Up Cheese, Trufflin' Truffle Mushroom. All I can say is that they are all delicious and they really standout compared to the normal flavors. Who would have thought that aside from pineapple, you can put cranberries in a pizza? 

All three slices cost SGD 15.90.

Pezzo Pizza Singapore's Charcoal Dough 
What the Duck, Pump'd Up Cheese, Trufflin' Truffle Mushroom
WILL: Curious with black pizza black dough.. we bought the Pezzo's Charcoal Dough. This was highly recommended by Night Owl Cinematics and Abbey is restless to have a bite on it. 

Damn good! The black dough is soft and yet filling. It is overloaded with cheese and toppings. Best part are the mushrooms. You can taste its freshness and firmness, not overcooked and it is a chunk, not sliced thinly unlike competitors. 

Pezzo Pizza is IN! You will be happier when you you will eat this. Haha! 

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