Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Oriental Chicken Bountiful Fortune Pizza - Pizza Hut Singapore

ABBEY: What do we have for Chinese New Year dinner? Pizza. Haha. No time to cook. Wilma placed an order and after an hour the delivery came.

Pizza Hut have this Bountiful Fortune Pizza in shape of a Chinese coin. It is a stuffed-crust pizza with toppings of oriental chicken, pineapple tidbits, capsicum, mushroom , cheese and salmon floss.
It was delicious if you eat it hot or cold; doesn't matter :) You definitely will come back for more.

WILL: Our housemates ordered Dominos's Pizza last CNY and my brain suddenly missed Pizza Hut. Hurriedly, I searched their website and found their specialty for 2016's Chinese New Year, the Bountiful Fortune Pizza. Even though our housemates offered us one box, I still insisted to buy our own. Hehe. Why? I am totally longing for Pizza Huts's thick and oily doughs. Hahaha! 

My 2 boxes arrived earlier than expected, it is hot and the aroma filled the room. Pulled a piece... craving satisfied! 

I ate 3 in one seating (for dinner), put it aside and ate another one before going to bed. Haha. In the morning I shared 2 slices with my husband and we opened the free regular pizza on afternoon. 

Honestly, Pizza Hut is more expensive than other  pizza companies PLUS they will charge you a delivery fee. This one large and one regular costs SGD44.50 compare to Dominos' buy one take one large Pizza (free delivery) of SGD33.00 that comes with a Coke. Anyways, I am not always splurging on pizzas. Hehe. One Pizza Hut annually is enough just to satisfy my tastebuds.  :)