Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Giant Grand Ferrero - Casa Ferrero, Wisma Atria Singapore

ABBEY: I have no idea what to give my wife for Christmas. But when I saw how excited she is when she saw the Ferrerro Rocherone, I knew that I should get that. So the next day, I waited for the shop to open and place my reservation. I got three. Yes. Wilma only expected to have one. One Rocherone is a little bit shy to 25SGD.

Upon arriving at home, I gave the first ball. She was ecstatic and suprised. Then she went to the kitchen and I placed the second one on the dining table. I asked her to open it immediately. She went back to our room to get her phone. And realisation came to her. The giant chocolate treat is more than one. At the same time, I heard her shout "Why is there so many? Stay where you are." The surprise became a threat. When she found me, I gave her the third. There's nothing she can do but to accept my gifts and be happy with it.
I was more happy because I'm seeing my wife happy.

The taste is delicious. The chocolate is smooth and the nuts complement it well.

We can't finish in one sitting. By the way they have the junior version of this for less than 20SGD.

WILL: Huge! Big! Grand Ferrero!

Ferrero really knew how to revolutionize their product. Can you imagine what would Ferrero Rocher can do its chocolates? Ferrero brought the Casa Cafe here in Singapore for their holiday treat to us. You can buy exclusively in there their very cute and awesome Grand Ferrero. 

Abbey surprised me a three big ball of chocolate Ferrero. My eyes opened wide and my voice squeaked with delight! 

The taste? Same! Nothing changed, just the appearance! But this is really a grand and pleasant thing for a gift! 

Hey Ferrero! I hope more and more new packaging/product  you will introduce to the world. :)