Monday, July 11, 2011

AR Photography

Fact: My father is the owner of the business. 
Having said that, I can't blame the readers if they'll find me bias on my blog regarding our family business. But from what I experience when we tied the knot, its great.  We hired AR Photography to capture one of the memorable milestone for me and Wilma.

Its a four-man team, including the proprietor;my father. They came to the place by the set time of appointment. They also gave us tips on how to project in front of the camera.

When we saw the video, it was superb. I watched it a several times and it never fails to make me smile and be happy. Additional factor is that its our wedding. As the son of the owner, we got huge discount for the coverage :) Thanks, Mang Boy.

WILL: Yes, this is free :) ... Well what I can say? Papa's men were on time. As in ang aga! Masaya sila kaya they will not miss a nice shot and good side of every snap

Their package depends on how you want them to portray your memories for life. 

You can contact them through +63-921-7929008.