About A&W

I'm Abbey. Serious but funny. Snob but approachable. I'm skeptical doing activities related to heights but thanks to my wife, Will, who's pushing me literally on the edge. 

I read biographies, financial literatures, and novels. I'm a home body. I'll stay at home until my wife told me that we'll be dining out :) I just love the comfort of our bed. 

I work in a bank based in Singapore as a database administrator. Sometimes other thinks that it is boring or geeky but I find it fulfilling. I like working with my team; they're amazing.

I enjoy reviewing things that we do, attended, bought or serviced to as this can be a guide or tip to other people who searches for feedback for a particular service or product.

Who is the husband? Who is the wife? Well our readers were pretty confused with Abbey is the lady and Will is the 5'11" foot man in the photographs. But that confusion makes us happily fulfilled, haha. We work out this page to clarify it once and for all. 

Hi I am Will, short for Wilma. I am Abbey's wife. 

I am into Import and Export. I have low tolerance in boredom and always wants to try new things and activities. I like to schedule ahead that's why I can't live without a planner. 

We thank all the visitors of our couple's blog that's the primary vision is to help the guests on all of their activities by reading our reviews and for us, Abbey and I as a bonding session in this very busy working days.

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