Monday, July 24, 2017

Omurice and Vegetable With Japanese Curry Recipe

Ingredients :
Cooked rice (preferably a day-old)
3 cloves garlic (minced)
1 tbsp margarine
3 eggs (yolks and whites separated and whisked)
Instant Japanese curry.

In a pan with little oil, fry the eggs. Let it rest and cut it to strips. 
In the same pan, melt the margarine and put the garlic then rice.
Lay out food wrap and knit egg strips alternately.
Put a bowl of rice on top. Seal the wrap until the egg-rice forms a globe shape.
Unwrap the egg-rice and place in a center of a bowl.
Put curry on the side and serve. Enjoy.

WILL: “Uwi ka na, dali!”, and on that cue I know, there is something waiting for me at home waiting to unfold!

Once I entered our flat, Abbey immediately assisted me to direct to our room. I want to go to the fridge but he blocked me and offered me that he will get it for me. From there, I know there is something in that kitchen. Ha! 

After I changed, hubby is waiting for me at the dining table, then a bowl of well crafted Omurice and aroma of curry surprised me. 

The Omurice is a picturesque. I hate to destroy it by my spoon. But that’s food. So I got to eat it. Sorry. 

The texture of egg at top of the rice is incredible. It went well with the vegetable curry around it. 

Please, husbands! Surprise your wives too! They deserve it! 😍

Saturday, July 22, 2017

LiHO Singapore - The Delicious Cheese Tea

ABBEY: Once Gong Cha was replaced by Liho, a new fad began. And that was cheese tea. Yes, liquid cheese. At first I wondered what would be its taste. My first cup was a Cheese Mango Smoothie. 

Cheese is good; salty and sweet. Mango taste like from artificial flavorings. Three ways to drink: You can sip the cheese on top, poke a straw and taste your preferred flavor below the cheese or mix them. A cup costs 6.90 SGD, only 1 size for smoothie. I like their Cheese Ovaltine Smoothie. It reminds me of Gong Cha’s Golden Ovaltine with creamy cheese on top.

Room for improvement though: Kindly get a good estimate of the demand on your stores. I visited your Waterway Point branch twice. First, no cheese. Second, got cheese but no smoothie.

Liho Branch at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

LiHO Singapore
Cheese 'n' Choc Smoothie
Cheese Mango Smoohie  
How to Drink Liho 

LiHO Singapore - The Delicious Cheese Tea - Menu

WILL: Liho took over Gong Cha! Huhuhu! Yup all Gong Cha’s branches in Singapore were overhauled by new Liho and by its new offering. 

Yes! They still offer drinks but this is a rebellious change. Why? Have you tried to put cheese on your tea or chocolate shake? Hmm, everybody is curios (yes that includes us) and that curiosity builds up a long queue and caused cheese to beout of stock for weeks. 

I tried Cheese ‘n’ Choc Smoothie and Cheese Ovaltine Smoothie. The result, I got addicted to Cheese Ovaltine Smoothie. The salty and sweet taste shook up my tastebuds and I keep on craving for this. It is $6.90 per serving. Expensive but it makes me happy! 😝

Try it! You will love Liho as you loved Gong Cha. :)

LiHO 里喝 Punggol
(A) #B2-K10, Waterway Point, 83 Punggol Central, 828761
(T)  11AM–10PM

Friday, July 21, 2017

Spectra – Light & Water Show - Marina Bay Sands

ABBEY: Spectra replaced Wonder Full light and water show at Marina Bay. But it seems it didn’t surpass the latter. 

We watched its first show but the climax died down at the end and expecting that there is something more when it ended. I was hoping that the centerpiece will somehow go for fireworks or get lights with water spray, but it just changes light. 

It lacked story and excitement.

Spectra – Light & Water Show - Marina Bay Sands

WILL: Wonder Full bid goodbye to its audience for this year. But some ending makes a way for a new beginning. So Spectra came to life. 

We where there to witness the premiere of this show and every audience is expecting a lot on this new MBS water and light show. 

We were awed by the colorful lights but there is a missing piece on that show. Hmm, maybe because Wonder Full have a story and Spectra is all about displaying of lights. 

Anyways, thank you Marina Bay Sands for this free Water and Light Show!


Spectra – Light & Water Show - Marina Bay Sands
(H) Sunday to Thursday – 8pm & 9pm / Friday & Saturday – 8pm, 9pm and 10pm
(A) 10 Bayfront Avenue (Event Plaza)