Sunday, May 15, 2016

(TGFI) The Global Filipino Investors' Headquarter Visit

ABBEY: Visiting TGFI Philippines during our vacation is part of our plan. The office is at Makati. It was not a usual office where desks and workstations were neatly lined up. It is like a free-spirited one; bean bags, laptops were all over the place and the CEO is just sitting in the middle. You can always strike a conversation with him like I did. 

Even though I "wasted" lots of his time, I learnt a lot. We also bought 3 Edmar's Alkansya for 750 pesos. We also met Sir Aya Laraya as a bonus :)

Photo Credit to Kuya Nolan Lazaro
WILL: The Global Filipino Investors plays a big part in our learning in our journey to Financial Literacy. I am so proud to say, that we are already a member when they only have around 1,000 people in the group (now is 75,737 members). A "must" for us to visit the TGFI office. Haha! 

What we did there? Gosh! Abbey and Floi talked about the questions he is longing to ask. Whew! We have a one-on-one with Floi for free. Belat! Floi Wycoco, TGFI CEO and our friend, gave us a no-holds-bar answers. And Floi (calling-calling) you never fail to motivate us. We also talked with one of their advocate. She gave us incites on how to do business. Then we catch-up about Singapore with Kuya Nolan Lazaro, an ex Singapore OFW. Out of the blue, Sir Aya Laraya visited TGFI. Woohoo! So stunned! Idol!!! 

TGFI office is so chic and cool! It is like a mini Google office. Hehe! Hope next time, we are still welcome to visit (nangulo kasi kami dun) hehe! 

May HE shower blessing to our group! Mabuhay ang The Global Filipino Investors! Viva TGFI!

U-2512 Cityland 10, Tower 1
H.V Dela Costa St., Makati