Friday, December 25, 2015

The Global Filipino Investors (TGFI) 2015 Festive Party

ABBEY: Pinoys really know how to party. Why? Just make sure there is food, even without drinks, yes even without it (maybe) then your party rocks. We attended the TGFI Singapore Christmas party it was fun.

We got hungry already when we saw the food on the table: sisig, lechone belly, beef with mashroom, lomi, and braso de mercedes.
But before that we said grace and had some games. Me and Chriszy won the Trip to Jerusalem-Find-your-pair (or I should say "Drag your partner) game. We had charades, pictionary and Price is Right. When everybody is tired, then the feast began. It took little time for us to finish them all. 

A throwback video was shown with the wishes of TGFI advocates and founders. Picture taking is more fun. Imagine taking a snap for a groupie and then suddenly someone will say "Go for 360". Merry Christmas TGFI.

WILL: This is 3rd year party of The Global Filipino Investors Singapore Chapter. Wohooooo!!! 

Who say investing is not fun! Hmp! Look this investment geeks know how to do many parlour games with a twist. Haha. My favourite is charades. Food is awesomely delicious, catered by Kainaman.

I am looking forward to next year's party guys! Thanks for letting us to be part of every celebration.